I am not tied to one medium, discipline or method: as an environmental sound-artist I am concerned with transforming awareness of natural spaces through a sensual remix. From the simple technology of a cat-food can/fishing line windharp in the yard to an expensive medical device placed on a tropical plant, I delight in tuning into the hidden energies around us and using our ears to better understand our world.

My work insinuates itself where experimental music, public spaces, and everyday awareness meet. For me, creating sound-structures offers a way to practice listening; an opportunity to wake up to—and reconsider—our relationship with our sounding world. The concert stage is not the only place where this might happen; a walk by the harbor, sitting on a park bench, at the State Fair, in the Nevada desert, while diving, or listening to Car Talk on the radio: these can all trigger a startling period of focus and attention on life coming through our ears. I am a composer only insofar as I engineer occasions for listening.

I create in order to hear and to discover something new about myself. My work and I share qualities. It tends to be irreverent yet with serious intent (sometimes provocatively silly); egalitarian; simple means/complex results; tied to the language of place; subverting expectations by using familiar materials in uncommon ways; conceptual yet pragmatic; employ technology as needed but is never a mere demonstration of it; rough around the edges but purposeful.

Over time work has become bigger (without resorting to conventional stylistic populism): 30,000 campers at Burning Man; 40,000 kids at the annual Flint Hills Childrens Festival; 250,000 around the harbor at St. Johns, Newfoundland; and 6 million attending the BioMusic exhibition Wild Music: Sounds and Songs of Life. Yet I am also concerned with private, personal experiences that can only be experienced by one individual at a time.

Music is, in part, social relationships made audible: I organize those networks and occasions. Then the resulting community has something to listen to: itself in a big context.